The Jed Adam Band is:

Jedidiah Adam  – acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, trumpet and lyricist

Josh Morrison  – backing vocals and electric guitar

Kyle Heynen – drums and percussion

Bob Worman – bass guitar

Jed comes from a family of musicians.  His father and three brothers are all musically talented, so Jed grew up learning how to sing and play many instruments including the guitar, bass, trumpet and drums.  Jed is also gifted in writing music and lyrics.  He released his first album, the ‘Parrot Album’ in 2011 and followed that with the ‘Wolf Album’ in 2012.  Jed records all of the instruments and vocals featured on these albums and layers in parts and melody to form these tangible pieces of art.  In 2014, Jed and his brothers recorded another album called the ‘Elephant Album’.  All of these albums feature artwork done by his son, Colten.

Jed was interested in starting a band, and turned to his friend Josh Morrison.  Josh is equally as talented as Jed, as he also plays several instruments including the guitar, bass, and drums.  Josh attended school at Southern Illinois University and studied audio production and music.  In 2014, they began playing shows around the Effingham area with a few other musicians, but it just wasn’t quite working out.

In the meantime, Bob decided he wanted to add to his bass playing skills and decided to start taking bass lessons at Chestnut Music, a local music store.  Jed was also involved with lessons, as he was teaching many students how to play guitar.  One day Jed and Bob crossed paths and Jed introduced himself to Bob.  Jed asked Bob if he wanted to start playing bass at the church he was currently organizing music for.   Bob eagerly said yes, and that is how they began playing music together.

Jed told Bob that he wanted to start a band, but they needed another member to play drums.  Bob knew just the drummer for the job.  Kyle Heynen, who attended The Collective School of Music in New York City studying drums, was Bob’s friend from childhood.  Bob and Kyle played in a band together when they were teenagers and were ready to reunite in making music together.  Jed already knew Kyle, as he was pretty well known in the Effingham area sitting in for other bands as the drummer and also as the house drummer for open mic nights.

The band played their first show in January of 2015, playing many of the songs from Jed’s albums and some well known cover songs by The Beatles, Elvis, Jeff Lynne and Badfinger.  As the year passed, they played at local bars, restaurants, wineries and community events in the Effingham area.  Jed continued writing music and lyrics about family and life, and the band practiced learning them on a weekly basis.  They also added more classic cover songs to their repertoire, including hits from Ben E. King, Smokey Robinson, Bill Withers and The Guess Who.

Since Jed had written so many new songs and since the band had created a unique chemistry together, they decided they needed to record an album.  They contacted Brad Eversole in Shelbyville, IL to set up a recording session.  In February of 2016, they recorded their first EP album in three days time.  The album was released on June 4, 2016.  They had an album release party at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Effingham, where hundreds of people attended.  The Effingham Daily News even published an article about the band and the new album.

Jed is writing more music than ever before, while the rest of the band members help add their own touches to them.  You can really hear a progression in the songs as the band continues to evolve.  They hope to record a full album this year with many of the new songs, and some of the other songs that didn’t make it on the EP.

They have continued to play at some of the same establishments, while taking on some new gigs in other cities including Carbondale, Champaign, Sorento and St. Louis.  The band shows no signs of letting up as they are looking to start performing in more places like Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville and even Colorado.  They really enjoy playing with one another and have created a following of people that try to make it out to every show.